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A Second home for your kids - ABC Preschool Academy

ABC Preschool Academy focuses on your child's development which comes through spontaneous experiences. Children under our care would be surrounded by laughter, love, high quality individualised experiences.

Education here is fun and exciting within a safe and secure environment that combines new exciting experiences that provides the essential link between preschool and kindergarten. At ABC Preschool Academy Campbelltown, we aim to provide a positive learning foundation thereby enabling children to build confidence and self expression in a happy environment. At ABC Pre School Academy, we ensure that your child thrives and achieves their full potential. Communication plays a key role in sharing the information about the child to the parents. The early years are special in the life of a child. There are several changes which occur in a short period of time as children learn to talk, increase their social, intellectual and emotional awareness. One can see great strides in their physical aptitude. These years are highly crucial.

We aim at encouraging an atmosphere which is suitable for bringing in a confidence as well as love for gaining knowledge in all children. Our goal is to make learning interesting through creativity, exploration and play. Our aim is to instil a sense of confidence by giving children new tasks through reasoning and creativity. Be sure that your child would be exposed to various types of teaching methods thereby preparing them to progress to kindergarten and beyond..

Our staff understand the importance of parents as they know their child the best. We do encourage them to contact the centre if they have any relevant concerns. Our objective is to look after your child’s enthusiasm using their skills to the maximum potential. ABC Preschool Academy is a safe and accepting environment for your child recognising each precious moment of your child's journey in their early years.

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Centre name

We're located at 36 Chamberlain St Campbelltown , NSW , 2560, Australia
For Admission Enquire: (02) 4626 7832
Centre contact details p (02) 4626 7832
e abcpreschoolacademy@gmail.com
Opening hours 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Monday to Friday

Special directions

Travelling by car turn off from Campbelltown Road and are located close to Campbelltown Performing Arts High School and St Peter's Anglican Primary School.
Travelling by public transport